Am I just the rebound girl?

So I started seeing this guy about a month ago. He and his wife decided to separate 2 months ago. She had apparently been cheating on him for over a year and she is leaving him for one of the guys she was having an affair with. They were married for 7 years and dating for 13. They were the only people each other had ever been with up until then and he's 7 years older than me. I feel happy he was upfront about everything. He said he just wanted to be friends and that he wasn't sure if he should date yet, but I broke him of that because he is such a great guy. We are now seeing each other. My friends say I am just a rebound though. He and I went to a party at his married friends house, which was the same weekend he wife was officially moving out of the house. He got a text from her and then was all over me in front of his friends, it was great! I got him to make me a hamburger, then he said he needed a bun and started talking to his female friend in the doorway and they went inside. 20 min later, they still hadn't come out. I went inside and I couldn't find them. I made a burger. Over an hour later he came out of the house. He said he was upset and needed to talk to someone and this girl is a counselor so he talked to her and that he thinks this could be something special between us, but I need to understand he is messed up right now. I said I understood. We have so much in common. What do you people think?


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  • i completely agee with christine1272. from experience I know when a man says he's not ready, to believe him. I also know getting involved with him during a divorce with the ex texting him is something you don't need--theres a lot more baggage to come. you seem pretty attached already, so my advice, take things extremely slow and wth leaving you at his friends' house for an hour w/o telling you where he is?! don't expect to get much in return from him at this time.

  • Red Flag alert- " he told you he is messed up right now"... My advice beleive him. You deserve someone's undivided attention. Move on for your sake.