Is it normal to never been kissed or been on a date or had a boyfriend at 16?

title says it all

i've been worried I'm a lesbian because I've never had a boyfriend or been kissed or been on a date

like sometimes I think other girls are pretty I don't know if that is normal or counts me as a lesbian. Is it normal to think the same sex is pretty I don't want to like do it with a girl
do you think I'm a lesbian or straight and have no luck in finding the right guy, Like I said I don't want to like do it with a girl, I just sometimes there pretty
i don't fantasize about girls either
So is it normal to think people of the same sex is pretty and do you think I'm a lesbo or just straight and thinks she's a lesbo because she can't get a boy


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  • thats totally normal! for me, my first date and kiss were when I was 16. I swear it just takes one guy to break the ice. after my first date, I've gone on several dates. still never had a boyfriend yet, but it will come with time. don't worry too much about it. as for the lesbian thing, I highly doubt you are a lesbian. its totally normal to think girls are pretty. since you don't fantasize about them or want to have sex with them, no worries. =]


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  • Yes it's normal. And don't worry about it, it'll happen when you least expect it.

    • You don't sound like a lesbian and it's normal to look at other girls and think they are pretty. We all make comparisons in looks when we go out to a party or a bar or wherever so we can "size up" the competition. Like I said, don't rush it or worry about it. He'll show up when you least expect it and sweep you off your feet

  • Yes it is.

    • You're a lesbian if you find females attractive..

    • I think it's normal to be able to recognize if other girls are pretty.. (not that it is abnormal to be a lesbian, you shouldn't worry about things you can't change)

    • You're 16, most people don't fine someone for a few more years... you might be bi, but like I said before, you can't change these things, there is no point about worrying about something you can't change..

  • Yep.


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  • Statistically, women are more likely to be bi than men. Moreover, even straight women have been measured to have a certain level of arousal viewing other, attractive women. You are neither abnormal, nor necessarily lesbian.

    When it comes to the dating - you may be slightly different than the average population, but that is not in and of itself a problem.

    At most, I'd monitor your romantic inclinations, if you are truly worried about orientation.

  • This is completely normal. I'm 18 and I have never had a boyfriend either. Just live your life and don't worry about it. The less you worry about not having a boyfriend the better chance you'll have of getting one. You're not the first and you are far from being the last. Hope this helps :) <3