Online Relationships?

I have heard of more and more people being in online relationships with people they have never met before except for on game or chat rooms. First, do you think that this is a real relationship, and second do you think that an online relationship is a good idea in the first place?

Oh and I don't mean online dating sites.


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  • It could definitely be a good idea if you're the type of person who's willing to put in all the work required for it; like others have said, it's an option to consider.

    One of my first "relationships" was an online thing because I was never very social so it was hard for me to go out and meet people, especially guys, because I was way too shy to talk to any of them lol.

    I think it was a really good experience for me (and I'm sure it was partly because he was genuinely a great, thoughtful, smart guy) because we got to know each other very well.. we talked for years. It just didn't work out because we could never actually meet, so that's something to think about.. it would eventually require traveling and changing some things in your life if you want the relationship to go farther.

    It is a real relationship, you're talking to a real person with real feelings. The communication takes a bit more work because it's pretty much ONLY words (you don't get hugs or cuddling to show affection).. you have to work more to keep in touch with each other and keep each other interested. But it can be a great way to get to know someone without being too distracted with superficial things.


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  • online relationships just means more choices to sort through and it's quite a logistical challenge to have a date if you're living far's an option available to you

  • It's worthless.. How do you reproduce over online.. Somethings just go too far. Girls and guys are everywhere these days.. 6 billion people on the planet.. Technology is making us lazy.. Get out there and meet someone. Meeting someone on an online dating site I guess is an exception but even that is not natural.

    The best relationships just happen..


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  • I used to judge people in long-distance/online relationships, but the truth is you don't know till you're in one. Like Trihill said, it's a option. If you wanna go for it, go for it. People will tell you anything, but you don't know until you've actually tried it.