Why is he acting like this? What should I do?

My ex-boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago, but we hooked up this week. He made it very clear he didn't want to date, but ever since I mentioned another guy I'm talking to (I also may have made him feel like a second option idk), he hasn't answered my calls. What should I do? Why is he being like this when he dumped me?


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  • why are you hooking up with a guy WHO BROKE UP WITH YOU 2 wks ago? Do you like being used for sex? Please have some self respect and don't let a guy just drop in on you when he feels horny. That is really offensive and NOT very complimentary to you. YOU made him feel like a second option? NO, he is making YOU an option. Why are you calling him if he dumped you? He wanted a booty call and you gave it to him. He doesn't want to date because HE wants to date OTHER GIRLS and keep you on the side for when it is convenient. YOU don't do anything but IGNORE this jerk. What he's doing is horrible. Please MOVE ON and find a guy who respects you and adores you and will NOT USE YOU for your body. Sex does not mean love. To a guy - it could just be sex. I'm sorry but this guy is NO GOOD FOR YOU or any other girl. He's bad news.

  • he probably still likes you and wants to date you again but doesn't want to be the one to admit he was wrong. He probably wants to still be the man and act like he doesn't care. and that's probably why he acts weird when you talk about other guys