Is there something going on here or is it just me?

My boyfriend broke up with me after a year and a half. We both went on to date others that ended up being rebounds that neither of us talk to anymore. We started talking again, and hanging out. which lead to sex. We have been having sex at least once every two weeks. This have been going on for two months. I'm OK with it, I don't really wanna date anyone right now. When were together I treat it like friends with benefits. I usually wanna go home when were done actually. He treats me like were dating while I'm there. He calls me pet names, kisses me, compliments me, takes me out. When were not together we text a little,but don't talk much. He said he just wants my friendship for now all the time. What's with the "for now". Am I seeing something that's not there? Or is he just thinking he's leaving me on the back burner? I could care less if we dated or not again. He's just kinda confusing me.


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  • Hmm, well I'd say that he wants you back but just doesn't want to tell you because of how you might react to it. Not 100% sure but that's what it seems like.

  • To me it seems like he's content with just being FWB. I think he says "for now" because he doesn't want you to get any ideas and might consider getting back with you if he doesn't find anyone better.