Should I text back or give up?

OK well I noticed some really cute girl in my summer school classes the past couple of days today I saw her outside while I was walking in. I started some small talk and asked her for her number. when I got out of school I texted her but she didn't text back..i recently lost a lot of weight and I've never had much experience with girl because of my weight.. but now that I've lost it I've gotten more attention from girls but I'm still not extremely confident... should I find some way to text her again or does this mean she has no interest?


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  • text her one more time. if she doesn't respond she's not interested she was just being nice by giving her number. This happens to me all the time, its kinda bad. But when the guy texts me I might say hi once, but I just don't respond if I don't really want to talk or like him. So text her saying more than hi how are u..thats boring. Still no response? leave it alone!


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  • First of all why would you give up? Just try it, every girl is different. :)


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  • confidents is what turns girls on and what they look in a guy.

    And that's not a guess, or me asked from a few girls... that's a result from a research where thousands of girls were asked.

    she has no intrest you atm.

    But your the one who will change it or leave it, its your call, as I said main thing girls look ln a guy is a nice smile and confidence. ITs your call what you make of it... approach her derectly again or leave her.