Why do guys do this ? I really want to know.

Like you flirt and text and hangout for like a week or more then just completely stop talking to you and then like 2 weeks later they randomly text you saying they miss you out of no where and act like nothing ever changed ?! It annoys me so much ! And they expect things to be the same ! Like hello I have feelings. So I really want to know why guys do that.


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  • its part of the game

    • What game?

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    • I don't like the game

    • Sadly that's how things are, their things females do but I have put up with it

      like girls constantly testing guys or girls who tease you for the sake of it


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  • well it could be that since he was always being the one starting the conversation, he wanted to see if you would text him first. I know I've done that my fair of times.

    • Oh but like I would text him, not obsessively but like saying hey & he wouldn't text back.

    • Well, then he might have found a girl he was more interested in, sorry

  • Because the guy didn't like you THAT MUCH (maybe he liked you alittle, but you're not the person he wants to be with) to begin with, he just wanted attention. He actually probably likes someone else or doesn't want anything serious. Then like 2 weeks later the guy feels lonely, so he's like ah what the hell I'll message her since it's better than being by myself.


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  • I sometimes wonder the same thing but I believe its apart of the act like your not that into her game and let her mind wander but whenever he does that act like your not even affected by it and never ask him why he hasn't text you in awhile act as if you were so busy you didn't notice it