When is a gender most datable?

Had a conversation with a lover the other day. She holds that it is is easy for a 40 year old man to find dates while it is almost impossible for a woman of the same age to find anyone. This is in contrast to the early 20's woman who can get companionship fairly easily.

My point is that while a man can find prospective long term relationships, finding casual play is much harder. Women face converse, sex is easy to find but long term relationships are difficult to find.


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  • I think women are most attractive between the ages of 18 and 30. Men are much more immature, so they are probably most attractive between the ages of 25 and 40. However, datable depends on the individual. A clinically depressed 24-year old is not nearly as "datable" as a successful 34-year old entrepreneur with close friends, a few good hobbies, and a happy disposition.


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  • Cougars!