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OK so there's this girl that I've had a crush on for years. Recently we started talking and it turns out she feels the same for me. We decided that we would hang out a time or to then try being together as a couple. At this point, she seemed very excited to be with me. All of a sudden she started avoiding me so finally I demanded to know what was the matter. She explained that her last boyfriend was very rude and mean to her and that she didn't want to jump into something as a rebound to see if she was over him, because she didn't want either of us getting hurt.

So now we have agreed to take it slow as friends for a while and see where things go. I'm not against this but I'm afraid that this is just her way of not going out with me. I guess my question is: Does her reason sound likely and if so, does it sound like she will want to date eventually, or is she not interested?


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  • How long ago did she break up with her boyfriend?

    Her answer could be what she truly feels, but a lot of females use that excuse when they aren't interested. It could be that your so good of a person that she's afraid she won't be good enough for you, which is horrible to think.

  • her reasoning most likely is true. being with you probably reminded her of what if felt like to be in a relationship and brought up feelings about her last one. just give her some time


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