I got my first kiss. from the girl I have liked for a long time.

i don't know if you would consider this a relationship question but, yesterday, I got my first kiss. from the girl I have liked for a long time. I was holding a movie night at my house. also, we had been with each other all week and weekend. anyways, her best friend broke up with her boyfriend at my house..so, I tried to make her happy cause I knew its what the girl I liked wanted me to do. ( the girl I like is named Sam) so, I said lets go on a walk and we did.we went to the schools playground at night..and it started to rain after a while. I was playing some music (such great heights by the postal service) and sam loved it. we were starting to walk back, with her friend in the lead, and sam hugged me..i wrapped my arm around her...she stopped as we stood in the rain. we locked eyes and she every so slightly leaned in and pulled me towards her...which is when we started to kiss for like 10 seconds..(I had no idea what to do xD) anyways..after we kissed..we walked back to my house holding hands...and today, I asked her if she meant to kiss me and she told me " yeah I meant it, I thought I liked you"...i don't know if this is bad or good, her best friend said the same thing. please help me, I really like this girl and she has told me she has feelings for me...


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  • I think that sentence is super confusing. "I meant it, I thought I liked you" sounds like- yes I meant to kiss you because I thought I had feelings for you but I actually don't... mixed with a little- I need grammar help but you asking me this makes me nervous so I'm going to try and play it off cool and hope you like me.

    Aside from that I don't really know what to tell you... Ask her to hang out, maybe even with a group of friends so its not awkward and just pull her aside and ask her how she feels... If she's a shy girl you might want to leave yourself open and tell her how you feel before you ask her so that she isn't scared. Just hopefully you don't get hurt in that case.

    Best of luck.


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  • Hm, I'm confused too... I think she's having mixed feelings for you, or something, I HAVE NO IDEA. But what I think you should do, is try asking her out...? This way you can tell if she still likes you. But other wise, I'm of no help. I wish you luck : )

    • I would ask her out but, I don't know. we were always friends and, I always liked her...i don't want our friendship to be awkward if she says no

    • Yeah, this is hard. I would try to keep it as friends for a while. Then, if you still really like her, try asking her out. If she's a good person with friend-like feelings for you, she'll stay your friend. :)

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  • Dude that confused me to.. But I think she likes you, but is giving a good think about it. Just keep tallking to he,flirting etc. hopefully something good will happen