What's up with him?

i've been going out with my boyfriend for 3 weeks now. we go to different schools, but we match really well. we play the same sports, are both 16, always have things to talk about, and have a lot of chemistry. but, he's known as a player..

we've texted every day since we've met (we both have unlimited). and he's confessed to me that he likes me a lot, more than anybody before. and he's always been the one to text me first. oh and he calls me baby and darling.

but he hasn't texted me in two days... should I text him to see what's up? or give him space? I want to know whether he's gotten bored of me.. we've already decided to go back to being friends if it doesn't work out between us, but I don't know how to act right now. help?


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  • I don't see a problem with you sending him a text...


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  • You could send him a text but sometimes guys need space so just see what happens the next few days if he doesn't text then you can text him. But don't be too clingy