Customers tried hooking me up with their grandson and now?

I work for a large wireless provider and was helping the sweetest elderly couple one day. All they kept saying is "you have to meet our grandson". About two weeks later he comes in and asks for me to help him. I helped him as he took forever to choose between two phones. I didn't mind this because he was my type and hot! He tried making small talk with me and I could pretty much tell he didn't mind that his grandparents sent him in. Everyone at work kept commenting on it too (obviously not when he was around). One of my coworkers suggested at the end of the sale to give him my card and write my personal number on it which I found to be cheesy but was going to do until I struggled to find my business cards! I ended up just saying thank you and have a nice day like I do to everyone else. I was kicking myself in the ass after about it and decided to break work rules and text him. I said "Hey its ------, please thank your grandparents for sending me the business ;)". He responded saying, "it was nice meeting you and I don't think I need the extended warranty you sold me so I'm gong to come back to return it." He literally came back an hour later and it was basically the same thing. He was shy and so was I. I purposely texted him the first time so he would have my number. I haven't heard from him and this was two days ago. Should I give it some time? Or is he just not that into me? or he just needs to grow some balls and probably has no game?


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  • Go for it. He sounds shy and you should take the initiative.

    I have a hunch that he has good family bonds, which is a sign for a good guy.

    Grandparents have a way of knowing things most of the time. They also want the best for their grandkids and it seems they have chosen you as being perfect for their grandson.

    Take a chance on love sweetheart, you might not get another chance.


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  • He needs to grow a pair. He might be dense and think that it's your work cell, and not appropriate to contact you on it, so maybe you have to spell it out.

  • He's probably just shy, which is why his grandparents wanted you to meet him.

    I'd say don't jump to conclusions. Two days doesn't mean anything. I'd say if you don't hear from him for a little while, text him again and see what happens.

    My guess is you are both indecisive and unsure whether your into him and he's into you. So rather than sit there and feel the feeling of uncertainty. Find out for sure.

    Good Luck!

  • He def needs to grow some balls or is just too shy. I mean you could wonder forever why you have not heard from him but I would say just hit him up.

    He seems to be interested but too shy and not knowing what to say.

    So I think if I were you I would call him and ask to get drinks after work then after that I'm sure he'll get that you are interested as well.

  • I would say text him. I mean your text you sent him didn't make it clear you were interested he probably just thought it was business.

    • Ok when and what should I say? lol

    • Just be blunt and to the point. Guys don't like having to decipher girl code. Just ask him to do something like lunch.

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