Should I be hanging out / talking to girlfriend this often?

My girlfriend and I hung out Sunday night (tonight is Wednesday) we texted each other for a few hours Monday Tuesday and today, we were supposed to hang out today but we couldn't in the end... She asked me if I could hang out tomorrow and I said I was busy, but now I am not. Should I text her and ask her if she still wants to do something? Or would that seem like I was throwing myself at her?


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  • Text her, she wants to see you, you want to see her and you haven't seen each other since sunday. she asked you to hang out tomorrow, but you couldnt, now you can, you should.


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  • Nope, text her and tell her or better yet call her and tell her that your not gonna be busy anymore.

    Your gonna get + points from her for that, shows that you thought about her first and is special.

    Wanna get more + points bring her a rose or her favorite flower if you know what it is, girls love it when you do out of the blue romantic things like that.