Anyone here ever dated a Dutch guy?

I know its wrong to judge one guy on the actions of another one,but there must be a general overall attitude all dutch men have if you get my drift?

Hard to explain really


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  • I have never dated a Dutch guy.


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  • Actually, a lot of them vary, from completely romantic men who follow their hearts, and neither of their two heads, and will seem like a disney prince, or they can be stoic, lying manipulative. one thing is, look for signs that he likes you RIGHT AWAY. if he doesn't let you know he'd "dance, or make love with you" within the first week of dating, he's not physically interested in you. and that's just the physical aspect... if he says quickly into the relationship that he thinks you're hi soul mate, believe him. the Europeans don't break their pragmatic stoicism for nothing. but if you hear nothing from him, then expect just that from him -nothing. if the dutch are known for one thing, it's being forthright. he'll let you know exactly what he wants, and if he does feel keen on you, will be talking about having babies with you from his passion. if you think that it's going "slowly" or you find yourself "waiting" for him, or feel under appreciated, let it go. the dutch guys are black or white with whether or not they like you. And there are no shades of grey.