How can I win her over in our date?

Tomorrow I have a date with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. The problem is that there are an endless number of guys chasing after her. I was fine the other day when she told me that she like me as more than a friend over the phone. But yesterday and the day before I've been hearing rumors that she might have been trying to get back with her ex boyfriend and looking at her myspace page there seems like the guys comments are really impressing her (im not sure if that's the best way to put it-impress). I am totally afraid that this is going to be the only chance I have to get her to stay with me.

but anyway I guess what I'm asking is; how do I show her that I'm right for her and that I'm the best choice out of all of those guys?


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  • Myspace is myspace its not real life. You have the real life opp to impress her. I'd say listen intently to what she says and be interested in her, also be interesting yourself be passionate about life, hobbies, family, traveling abroad - anything that you are keen on. Don't be tight with your money and offer to pay for drinks, dinner - you do not have to pay for everything but show willing. I would also say think about where your going to go on your date, take her somewhere you know she would love also somewhere she thinks wow he put a lot of thought into this. Mostly be yourself.


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  • i basically fell in love with a guy who was so into me and I wouldn't have even chosen him in the first place. do what he did.

    tell her you are absolutely infatuated by her, and that she is the most gorgeous girl you've ever dated- that you can't stop looking at her.

    say that her laugh is cute, and if the dates starting to go really well later on then say. I think this could be something really good.

    YAY I love love, but its hurts when its the end.

    GOODLUCK! have fun, and charm her.

    be cute and funny, not immature though. try to offer her what her ex- cant. fresh lust!

  • sometimes if someone doesn't see you for who you really are maybe its because the real one hasn't met you yet. as far as beauty its only skin deep.but I hope it works out for you GOOD LUCK and don't be nervous what's the worst that can happen!


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  • Just be yourself and make her laugh