What should I do about this?

So I really like this girl and try to text her as often as I can, however I never really have anything to say, I want to keep talking with her, but I think my lack of things to talk about is kinda messing it up, I don't think that she really likes to have just those meaningless 5 text conversations, I haven't texted her in about week, I want to keep texting her to let her know I'm still interested, but don't want to make her mad.


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  • Don't text her all the time!

    seriously don't!

    I cannot stress this enough!

    Mystery is part of attraction, if you are constantly in communication with her you remove that from your arsenal. It also makes you seem clingy, use text messaging for messages, not conversation. If you want to let her know you are still interested, actually call her once in a while, or even better talk to her face to face if possible. When you do text her, just make it little things that don't require a response such as "I was thinking of you" or "I saw a (insert something here) and it reminded me of you."

    This keeps you in her mind, without making it seem like you are constantly pining over her, and because they don't require a response, she doesn't feel obligated to always message you back. If you are constantly trying to start text conversations with you she may get annoyed easily.

    One more thing, if you really like her eventually things need to move beyond talking and texting, so don't be afraid to ask her if she wants to do something with you sometime, (but don't say something vague and lame like that, actually have a plan)


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  • listen lisen listen. before my boyfriend and I went out he was vrrryyy mysterious. I loved it. I even played with him about it. He said he didn't even notice he was doin tht. I still joke to him about it to this day. I love his mysteriousness. BUT I don't like him to be tooo mysterious. YOU need to text her soon since its been more than a week so she doesn't think your UNinterested and found someone else. my boyfriend can be mysterious and I love it I do but I can't stand when he is TOO mysterious. and I tell him cause we are honest like tht. But you nee to text her soon so she desnt think you don't ike her or she did something to u. but to starthe conversation out just start with something cute nd flirty I loved when my boyfriend did tht to me when we started out and I stil love it and it has been almost 5 years. so take your time and play it safe and don't be TOO mysterious or take tooo long to text bak. best of luck!

  • start a convo with her and ask her a question then when she answers it, suggest that you both play the random question game, like just silly questions at first like 'do you have an innie or an outie belly button?' then if it goes well, and she seems into it, you can start asking different types of questions! A guy did this thing with me and its actually pretty fun- it can get really kinky ;)

  • If she likes you she'll just be glad to hear from you, and if she keeps replying then go with it.

    The texting doesn't need to be constant if you can't think of anything good to say, but she may think you are not interested if you suddenly stop.

    As long as you don't do it constantly there is no reason for her to be mad.


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