I like her, but she says she likes to hang with other guys?

theres this girl I like at work, and I wanted to win her by being THE total gentleman. I hide a rose in her car, I took her out on my motorcycle, I held doors open for her, every time I entered the room id smile at her (shed smile back), every time wed hang out wed kiss but it wasn't very intimate. it wasn't with ANY tongue.

wed watch movies at my place, but she seemed like she NEVER wants to cuddle! shed honestly wouldn't show ANY emotion. Shed never rest her head on my shoulder or lean on me or anything. I didn't take it personal the first few times of her hanging out because she has been engaged 3 times. So I figured I should give her plenty of time to get over a few things, before she starts liking me, ya know?

the next few days she starts hanging out with this FAT UGLY kid at my work! I'm not an expert, but I KNOW I'm far more attractive than him. So then I stopped talking and smiling to her, until she just said that she's just friends with him and she just has a lot of guy friends.

now its when I don't know if I'm wasting my time on her or not. what you guys think?


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  • RUN... don't be stupid, she has been engaged 3 times, hanging out with all different guys.. screw it man.. if she NEVER wants to cuddle, maybe that should tell ya something. Sounds like a HO to me, let her have the fat kid or whoever she is "just friends with."


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  • I get along much better with guys than girls too. I also had a boyfriend and I didn't cuddle with him. It wasn't cause I didn't like him, though he took it that way, it was because I was so used to having guys as my friends it was hard to adjust to a more romantic relationship. I don't know how long you have been together, but adjusting could take a couple months and you should slowly start initiating it. But for her it could be because of her past. You don't know how she feels or thinks unless you talk to her about it directly. Communication is the most important aspect for a healthy relationship of any kind. It appears you do not have good communication because you stopped talking to her and smiling at her until she confronted you about it, which pretty much means she had to guess why you changed. Girls get sick of this behavior very quickly. And if you want to cuddle with her, while at the same time displaying fickle and unpredictable behavior towards her, you are handicapping yourself. Since I don't know you or the girl there is no way I could determine if you are wasting your time, but good luck! :)

  • i get along better with guys than I do with girls..i hate girls. so I have a lot of guy friends...some I like more than others. she might be like that too. so she might like you but she never made any moves because of the whole being engaged before thing..yet, you could just be another one of her friends...

  • sounds like she just wants to be single


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  • well ill just says looks dnt make a person, maybe he is sweeter nd nicer than u, maybe he treats her even better than u