Blind date? HELP please

I'm going on a blind date in a few days and have no clue what to talk about with this guy or what to wear. I was told it will be dinner and a movie. What do I wear? what do I talk about with this guy?


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  • Just have a fun general chat. Since you are under 18, you can just talk about school, friends, hobbies. And don't forget to listen too. Ask questions about his life, family and friends.

    I can't really say what to wear, because that's not where my expertise lies, but I would recommend that you wear something fairly casual. Considering you will be watching a movie, you won't have to talk much once you're there, and when you get out, there will be loads to talk about!

    Don't be afraid, and remember that conversations flow naturally. As long as you're comfortable, your conversation will keep itself going, and you'll have fun.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ok, so blind date. Dinner and a movie means casual. Be comfortable and look cute. You don't wanna get super fancy. Since it's a date, there will probably be flirtation, but chances are you want to have a conversation of actual substance. When you meet a new person, how do you become friends with them? You ask about school, their interests, etc... right? It goes the same way. It's kind of like creating a new friendship, and possibly searching for romantic involvement from it. Just remember to have fun! Even if you feel like he's not boyfriend material, you have always got the chance to make a new friend. Good luck =)