Do men generally not like to date women who are virgins in their 20s?

Is being a virgin over the age of 20, a turn off for men?


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  • Nope. It'd be a turn on. That's tough to do, ins ome cases more than others. and a woman who is saving it for the right man is smart. She resisted certain temptations and that says at least a little about her potential for a lot of character.

    To me, I'd be incredibly intimidated to have sex with a woman who's experienced. I'm sure I'd be compared to the other guys, and my being inexperienced I probably wouldn't be that good, especially with the stress of having to live up to that.

    Plus, even without a LOT of sex, I'd be concerned about diseases.

    I don't know. maybe I'm crazy, but I think it'd be cool for a man and woman to get tested and give each other the tests before tying the knot. I know that the statistic a while ago was 3 out of 5 people would NOT tell their partners if they had a sexually transmitted disease. That's some scary stuff.


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  • I don't think it is necessarily a turn off. But honestly, every man wants sex from a woman. A woman in her middle 20s and still a virgin would not necessarily be a turnoff but it does gets a guy thinking, hmm what's wrong with her? Is she the type who wants to get married before sex? What kind of upbringing did she have? Is she frigid maybe? etc. you get the drift. And all the while he's thinking these, there's that hot babe available just in the next table.


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  • This is why I'll never tell any guy I date that at almost 25 I'm a virgin. I know it's not smart but I'd rather just pretend I'm somewhat experienced when that time comes instead of him looking at me like a freak. Don't take my advice though. It's just some personal input.