Should I text him, after our intimate moment? Or should I wait and see if he texts me first?

Well, recently this weekend I hooked up with this guy, it wasn't sex yet. And we both agreed to not be in a relationship, just the casual dating kind of thing. When we're not together, we usually text each other and just talk like every week. When we text each other he usually calls me "bebe" and... Show More

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  • OMG, oldest line in the book. Not saying this guy doesn't somehow believe this, but girls and guys get hurt all the time in relationships and can and do move on to another relationship.

    I would not make out with him and definitely not have sex with him. If he wants to date, then date, but until he is ready to open his heart, I would not open your legs. If you do, you are 100% likely to fall for him and he is 100% unlikely to ever fall for you. In fact, in most cases, guys will enjoy sex or making out with the casual girl until they find another girl to make their girlfriend. I don't believe in casual deals. They are just a way for a guy to sugarcoat no-strings sex and a great way for the girl to end up hurt.