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What does it mean when the guy kisses a girl on her cheek?

Guys, when you hang out with your female friend (who you don't planed to have love relationship with), and in the end when you two hugged for... Show More

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  • its natural for some guys to kiss girls on the cheek, I kiss girls on the cheek all the time, infact when I ever give a hug to a girl I always give them a kiss on the cheek, it dosnt necssecarely mean the guy wants to be in a relationship it coul just be a sign of friendship, so it could mean anything to be honist.

    • Well I'm friends with a guy called David but I don't give him hugs let alone kisses!

    • He answered on my question, which's asking: with what reason would MALE kiss his FEMALE friend on her cheest ;)

    • Cheek. ups haha

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