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i have a booty call buddy and we been doing this for 2 years now and at the beginning he kind of called for it a bit and even would text me how my day was a lot almost everyday. Well, after a while, things started to change. Lately, I been the one calling for it and not him, and I would go weeks or a month before I call him to come over, but he never calls me for it anymore. Plus he stopped texting me like he use to completely. I mean I know I got good stuff if whenever I ask him to come, he always comes, but if its that good, why isn't he calling me for I sometimes? I rarely call for it . What's this mean?


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  • will you tell your husband that you act like this

    • Don't listen to him. He screws like its his job, but won't marry a woman who's ever given a bj before. Or a girl who has been in a 5+ years relationship, because that means she's had a lot of sex and "her vagina skin will touch his children one day" so she must be pure. Yes he actually said that. As a virgin myself, I'm advising you to omit his opinion altogether. He degrades the very reason I haven't had sex yet.

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    • I don't think you have a husband. when did I say I thought you had a husband

    • You said will I tell my husband that I act like this like I have one now? And if you are talkin about future tense, why would I think to tell him? That would be when I was single and free and wouldn't matter then. Why would that come in your head seriously? friends with benefits is fine or a bootycall is fine as long as there is an understanding and your not sleepin around and ist just that person. I have the right to do that as a single female. I have sexual needs too.


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  • he either got tired of almost always being th one to call, or he's seeing somebody...

    • He does have a girlfriend. yeah I know I was wrong for that but he was with her before we started

  • you should ask him to f*** you with him and his buddies that will get things going again. have them come in your ass and p**** then take his friends friends that would be super hot and he would stay your f buddy forever

    • Lol no thanks.

    • Why not. it would be super cool taking all those d*** you know you want it.

    • Lol you are very disrespectful you know that? Your makin this out to be an orgy when its about 2 people having fun with each other and that's it. I'm not that type of woman. You watch too much p*rn, sicko.

  • Sounds like he has a girlfriend now and she takes his time now.

    • Oh he has been havin one but we are over now cause he said somethin that made me realize that we need to end.

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  • I'm guessing he lost the excitement in chasing for it. I mean of course he won't turn down sex if its offered, but its not worth it to him to chase anymore. That's kind of part of the "booty call" arrangement. It's unnecessary to do things that make the other feel good emotionally, like ask how your day is, that's what a boyfriend is for. A booty call is all for the sex. Plus, if he's not lifting a finger and you're still calling him to offer sex, what's the incentive for him to try?

  • He very well might be getting some elsewhere also or his life is changing to where the booty call is on his back burner.

    You call, he thinks what the heck, comes over, gets some pu**y and is happy till you call him again.

    • But most of the time I don't cal for the longest and he never calls askin since its been a long time since but I guess

  • Idk. Maybe he found another girl or maybe since you always call him for it, he doesn't feel the need to call you anymore.