I keep saying yes to everything he says?

is that OK? like for example I went to his job when he told me to and I just don't know if its okay and he ask me out on a date for Tuesday and I said yes so I'm just wondering if its okay to say yes to pretty much everything ? cause I really like this guy


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  • You will end up being a yes girl instead of being yourself. Be yourself its easier than try ing to be someone he will like, it makes you unattractive.


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  • Well do you want to say yes or are you fourcing yourself to say yes? I say mix it up alittle! Put acouple of No's here... and some Yes's here! Spice it up abit!

    • I really wanna say yes but I don't know if I should cause I don't know if its okay to say yes to everything when it coms to boys

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    • But do you think he will get bored of me if I say yes ? I really wanna get to know him ...

    • If he becomes bored of you I don't believe it would have anything to do with you saying yes to everything. Maybe you should try to take control and ask HIM he want to do things with you, infact, if your worried about boring him then maybe you should ask him out to do fun things with you... Like mini golf, or go see a baseball game together... See what his intrest are and try to work off of that.

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  • yes stop doing that. turn him down sometimes, you have to show him that you have a life and that you don't just drop everything to jump up and be with him. it may be flattering to a guy initially, but he will notice that you're very convienient to him and it lowers your value and makes you less attractive in the long run. be 'busy' sometimes, even if you're not doing anything but catching up on xtra sleep or watching a movie.