Is it ok to date an older guy?

Is it ok to date a guy 20 years old when your 15?

the guy is 20 and I'm 15
what would be the problem I mean what if he actually wants to be in a relationship who's to say a 20 year old is any more mature than a 15 year old yes ok he's 5 years older but that just means in experience or book smarts I mean is it really a big diff.


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  • Honestly there is nothing stopping you from dating this guy. If your mind is made up then no one can change it. Let me just point out some aspects from another point of view:

    -What does a 20yr old need in a 15yr old girl ?

    -What does he see you as e.g. a 15yr old school girl or a adult at his level ?

    -Does he believe that because he is older he can manipulate you ?

    Obviously I am gonna have a bias ageist you dating and that is just a personal thing that I would like to point out. The reason for this is when my current girlfriend was 14 she dated a 18-19yr old guy who took her virginity. When she was describing her situation I remember her quoting "older guys are manipulative" now whatever that means I don't know. Ultimately it didn’t work out for them and he causes problems in our relationship by simply be being a part of her past.

    So my final advice would be to be very careful and remember you can do what you want to do and leave whenever you want to. Unless you really see yourself going somewhere with him don’t feel obliged to do anything.

    just mentioning again this is a personal view of mine !

    good luck on this :)


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  • mmhmm, if statutory rape is cool


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  • The question should not be if we think its ok to '' date a guy 20 year old when your 15'' , but do you thinks its alright ? I don't like to get into the whole what society thinks debate because we all have our on individual opinions however , I think a small part of you knows its a bit off. For instance I have a 16 year old cousin who at 15 dated a 19 year old guy. I didn't much care for the '' situation'', but it was her mistake to make ( and I use the word mistake very loosely ) and it was a mistake I suppose she needed to make sooner then later. It was always a war zone she wanted to be respected , but because of her age he didn't take her seriously . I think you can see where I'm going with this. So I'll be honest I don't think its the best idea . Yes its only a five year age difference ,( which is one hell of a difference at 15) but its like something you would hear your parents say. There are just something's at 20 he knows that you couldn't possibly understand or relate to at 15. I'm not telling you that every guy is out to control you or doesn't want you to live life to its fullest , but it has to make you wonder. What would a 20 year old really need with a 15 year old ? That just doesn't make sense to me . If you really feel the need to be in a '' grown mans '' presence be cautious , but then I wouldn't need tell you that if you just stuck to what you know.

  • no its not ok first of all that is statutory rape whether or not you consent to it so don't go there unless you want to get someone in trouble plus think about it hunnie what does a 35 year old man want with a 15 year old its sick he is old enough to be your father he is there for nothing but trouble be careful hunnie

  • i did it, I lost my virginity to a 19 year old, I was 14. mistake? yes. he was just way to experienced and I wasn't ready for what he wanted out of me. he was nice and all but I really don't think dating that much older of a guy at this age is the right decision. its your choice in the end but you should be prepared to be disappointed.