Girls- What are your thoughts on dating a man with children?

I am a single Mom of 2 young daughters. I would not have a problem with it as long as I liked him enough and everything could still work out! I think GOOD dads. single fathers. are the sexiest kind anyway ;-) What do you all think? Do you shy away from men with kids?


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  • For me it is both a GIFT and a CURSE. I love kids , but because I myself don't have any at this point there are just something's I can't relate to on that level. You have to not only make a child comfortable with you being around , but make sure you yourself are comfortable around that child. Then there is the matter of that child's other parent I'm only 23, ( which is fairly still young) I don't know to many girls ( in particular) that can handle another female being in the picture without feeling that she's trying to '' take her place '' . I know there are guys out there like that , but girls are at times a little more opinionated on that subject. These are not things I'm assuming , but things that I have had happen to me. I ONCE dated a guy with a child and his son's mother WOULDN'T let go I wasn't use to that ,and although I'm always in it to win it I knew it wasn't going to work. This is not to say that it will be like this with every person , but you can't be naive about certain things. So to answer your question I don't shy away from guys with kids , but I would prefer if that a guy had one it would be with me.


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  • single dads should be ok if you have kids as well

    most men under 30 without kids would never consider a mother. However, a single father would be more able to relate to your struggles and the challenges of single parenthood.

    I'm not sure how non-mothers would take single fathers, but it is probably similar to guys dating women with kids. If a woman is unable to have children but desires to have a family, then these single dads should be just what she's looking for.

    As long as each of you don't more than two children (no more than four total), it should be ok

    BUT. you WILL have to explain this to the kids, and then you will have to introduce them to their other real (biological) parent (if he died, that is a different situation). Keep in mind that your two kids WILL eventually want to meet their real father, so DO NOT ALIENATE THEM FROM THEIR REAL FATHER! IT WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU LATER!

    good luck!


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  • Im 21 now, at the time I was 20 and I was dating a 26 almost 27 year old guy with a 5 years old daughter. first time ever. I was nervous, but I loved it. it was amazing. she was a great little girl and he was an awesome dad. he didn't send all of his time with her because she lived with her mom and so he was not used to her hyperactive ways so that's where I stepped in and took over but I liked it. didn't mind it.

  • i would date a guy with kids for sure I think single fathers are amazing and I would go for one the only down side is that I want to have have a family and some single fathers don't want to have more children