Its weird for him to call me hun?

So whenever I text my friend Dillon he calls me hun a lot. like almost in every text message. we don't really hang out in person because we go to different school but we have some of the same friends and when I ask them they say he never calls them hun. y would he only call me hun? and I don't know if it would be weird to ask him or not? that's the only thing he calls me too besides my name, no other nicknames.


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  • I do that with all women I know; hun, honey, babe or baby. Sometimes even strangers it does not mean anything. Hope this helped Babe, lol.

    • But he doesn't to any of our other friends. Only me.

    • Well what I saaid really only applies if you do it to everyone. So it really must just mean he is really into you.

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  • guy friends call me "boo" or "baby girl" or other names like for me it's not weird