He won't talk to me anymore...what did I do wrong?

I dated this guy who I had been friends with for about 4 years, he was absolutely crazy for me and treated me extremely well. We broke up about 2 years ago and I dated someone else but broke up with them because I couldn't get over my ex. While I was dating this other person me and my ex stayed fairly close. And when I became single again we met up for a walk one night and talked for hours about family, work, life...pretty much everything. We ended up making out, several times, but I told him I wasn't looking for a boyfriend because I didn't want the label but I also told him that I never really got 100% over him. He seemed to be into me, he was holding me and being really sweet and affectionate. I would text him every now and then to try and hang out with him again but he was always too busy but still wouldn't want me to stop texting him, then one day he just stopped responding all together, so I stopped texting. Now every time I see him he pretends not to notice me. All I want to know is what the hell did I do wrong? and why won't he talk to me anymore? he use to be so sweet. I don't want to see pushy so I don't text him anymore, but I really want to talk to him again. Boys don't make sense!


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  • first you tell him that your not over him after that 2 years have past,you've made out...then you told him that you don't want a boyfriend!maybe he was OK with that at first but then he just wanted something more...maybe he wanted you,but knowing that you 2 can't be officially together it was hard for him to see you or to confront you with that so instead he's just ignoring you!


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  • umm it kinda sounds like he was tired of you leading him on or just being friends and he either gave up or together or he really loves you and thinks it will be easier to stop loving you if you guys don't talk or anything.