I really don't know what to do / I really like her but there's something unique that's blocking my way?

There's this girl that I like, and I'd like to get with her, but there's this unique problem with her. She REALLY playful and probably the most nicest girl I've met, but It seems like she's not trying to get anyone. She's surrounded by SO MANY guys that try to get her, like they be her friend and stuff and hang out but deep down they want her soo badly. You know what kind of guys they are. But anyways it's like she's not wanting a relationship at all, and it almost seems like she's never had one. It's like she's annoyed by how guys are really nice to her, but they just wanna f*** her in the end. Can you please tell me what to do in this kind of situation? I feel like I'm about to blow up here!

- Also, me and her are both going to our Sophomore Year in High School / Just sayin


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  • okay dude I feel the same way. I have a lot of really close guy friends and never wanted a relationship with anyone of them because they were all the same. but one stood out my bf, he literally waited two months to go out with me he treated me like a girlfriend and a best friend. I can say stuff that would make most guys think twice but he's cool with it. So what you gotta do is stand out, make yourself available and let her know you will wait and that you can give it a try for a few days.


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  • I guess that would depend on where you fall among 'those guys'.

    Are you just trying to get with her, like the rest of em? If so, then its obvious that you aren't standing alone while this 'group' of guys chases her tail, but you are 'in' the group with them, chasing her tail. She knows this and isn't swayed.

    If what you want is truly unique as compared to the rest, then talk to her.be friends, and keep it non-physical. Most importantly develop a relationship as friends, TALK to her, tell her about yourself.don't play yourself up to her, simply tell her of yourself.share yourself with her, be honest about who you are. Then.perhaps with a little time, you will have separated yourself from the pack, and she will see you differently than she sees the rest of the boys after her.

  • why are you getting tensed so much. do you love her . if yes tell her and see . what's your problem if some girl hang out with some one? are you bothered about all the girls in the world. so first find why are you getting emotional