Why doesn't he call me?

hes way too outgoing I know for sure but I hate how he just texts with me never ever has called me before.


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  • Meh, I always text, never phone... Hate talking on the phone! I go out and have a lot of friends, but I never phone them. It just feels stupid talking to someone on the phone, I always run out of things to say and end up having awkward silences which make you appear boring, when you don't have the same problem in person.

    • But he doesn't have a problem talking on the phone I know forsure and plus when I text him sometimes he takes forever but yet again he is always sayin how he wants to see me and stuff

    • How do you know for sure? I talk to people on the phone often enough, but they phone me... I can have a full conversation, but I don't enjoy it, nor do I feel comfortable. I don't think I've ever phoned anyone I've dated in my life, The girl I'm seeing at the moment phones me, we talk for a while... But I don't gain much more from it than texting.


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  • He's immature.

  • Do you call him? A lot of guys hate speaking on the phone