Is online dating better than going out and trying to meet someone?

Since you can read about someone and get a clue what there like ahead of time isn't that better than meeting someone random and hoping you connect with them?


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  • It can be. I know people with success stories.

    Reading about a person beforehand is great...but even though they "look good on paper", sometimes the actual meeting in person doesn't work out. (Lack of chemistry, dishonest about their appearance, i.e. old photos/no body shots)

    As long as you're honest about what you're looking for (casual sex vs. committed relationship) and you stay light-hearted about meeting people (talk to more than one person, don't get too attached to one right away), then it should be a great experience. I've tried it, met some really great guys, met some not so great ones but am glad I tried it out.


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  • I've tried it. It took awhile for me to find someone worth going on a date with. It was actually a pretty successful date things just didn't work out. Online dating takes a little slower because you need to gain some trust with each other to actually meet. But outside and going out is the same you just need to have confidence to go up to a girl. I'm not sure if your shy or not but if you are the easiest way to approach a girl and get over the shyness is to have the mindset that your better looking than her and she is lucky to have you walk up to here. You gotta believe it though. Good Luck!