What do you all think about this?

I friend with this girl for maybe 5 years during witch I have seen her with other guys and I have been with other girl. We were only friends. Recently about 7 months ago I broke up with a girl I was living with and my friend broke up with a guy she was dating. One day we were talking and one thing lead to another and we are now dating. Is this right or is this just a way for us to get over our EX's?


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  • That all depends on how you really feel. If you really like each other, than there is no reason not to go for it after you both broke up with other people. Just because you both came out of relationships doesn't mean that you don't really like each other.


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  • Hmmm . well do you actually like her?

    I've always found being friend first can really help the relationship. Specially when the two of you are really good friends. Since you already know about each other and there's no surprises.

    I think it just comes down to. Do both of you REALLY and truly like each other?! If so, it's a GOOD thing!

    PS: You're also getting an answer from a girl how's had a crush off and on on her best guy friend for going on 6 years.

  • it sounds like a good thing. you shouldn't be rebounding if it is your friend. you're probably okay!


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