Do shy girls usually not like to kiss?

do shy girls usually not like to kiss on the first or second date?


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  • I have been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half, and he is my first <3

    I can say that the whole kissing thing was quite nerve-racking for me haah! For me, I kissed him on the cheek first after a week of dating (which really isn't long, but it was only the cheek).

    After one month of dating, we finally kissed--which turned into a mini, and I mean very mini, kissing makeout xD

    I have to say though, it was so nice, and the entire anticipation of wondering where/when/how the kiss was going to happen sent butterflies in me every time I saw him <3


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  • Depends on if she's actually shy, or just inexperienced/nervous.

    Shy girls probably wouldn't mind a guy who has the gumption to go in for a smooch.

    Inexperienced girls might be following "rules" found in society, or on the internet and really just have no idea what they are doing. With these girls, I'd wait 'til date 3. (After all, there's a song about it! Hahaha. "Shpoopie, Shpoopie, the girl who's hard to get." XD)

  • Not sure why you're asking but I'd say no they don't. I'd also say that "good" girls don't either so she could be one or the other or both. (good, shy or both)

  • YES, they do! But they are to shy to make the first move. Trust me, they will appreciate you so much if you kiss her. They want the guy to take charge and then she will become more comfortable with you and herself.

  • Well I recently started dating a guy and I'm really shy and I didn't kiss him on the first date nor did I want to kiss him on the second date thou he did ask for a kiss on the cheek which I gave to him I think I might kiss him on the third or forth date...:) goodluck


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