Should I text her again?

So this girl I have been seen for a month who birthday was yesterday and I sent her flowers to work. She called me immediately a thanked me for them. I played it off like I didn't know what she was talking about. I had to get back to work told her I call her later. 830 rolls up I call her left a msg, because we have plans Thursday and Friday but no quite lined out yet. 1130 rolls by and I have to go to bed I get up at 6 call her didn't leave a message but text her going to bed early have a good night ttyl. and no response...should I text her tomorrow again or leave it alone?

yeah she end up talking me to later and apologized in a text. But saw her in person...keeps calling me retarded. it's kind of ridiculous, do to the fact she says she's illiterate when it comes to writing and reading. and I am in college.
also, she says I am retarded just in general and the more I she accept it w e can move on from she is mental


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  • Leave it alone. You have contacted her plenty of times and now it's her turn


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  • well I guess that all depends on the type of girl she is, maybe her phone isn't recieving texts, or its out of battery , wait till tomorrow night to text her again so she wonders why you aren't texting her. Being needy is a huge turn off to girls hahah so let it simmer for a while. if she doest make contact with you at all tomorrow send a quick hey . if she doesn't reply , I'm sorry she probably isn't interested, or her phone is messed.

  • Awww the flowers were a cute idea! Yeah but leave alone for right now.


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