What to talk about when hanging out with someone!! Please read...

OK so I'm a shy guy and I can never think of something to say or talk about when just hanging out with a girl. So basically here is my question. I'm going to the beach at night with a girl that I've been hanging out with and I just don't want to sit there. what would you talk about to make conversation.


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  • make up a list of things you'd like to get to know about her to ask her (dont show her the list tho lol) and or talk to some of her friends and find out things she likes that way

    • I already know a lot about her and have been talking to her for a while now and those kinda questions are finished. It's stuff after that that I don't really know what to talk about. Anyother ideas??

    • Perhaps ask how she feels at that moment, sitting there with you. Could lead interesting places.


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  • anything. and everything. lol. meaning, talk about music, fav places, goals ambitions. places you want to visit. anything. you will never run out of things to talk about! :)


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  • you could always ask her what her goals are or were,what her dream job her dream car dream house or dream life for that matter everyone has a dream something even if they don't admit it girl are always talking about their dream husband how many kids they want remember to let her talk as long as she wants and the more she talks the more comfortable you'll be when it's your turn

    • I already know this stuff so what else would you talk about.