How do I get him to stop?

there's this guy that I thought I was interested in for a while. turns out I can't stand him at all. Anyway, I stopped responding to his texts and calls about 3 weeks ago. He still continues to text me at least twice a day, and last night he called me. How can I tell him to go away without hurting his feelings?


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  • nermalinda is totally correct sometimes you have to be blunt with a guy before they get the hint


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  • Did you tell him to stop contacting you? At this point, he's being nuts, and you need to spell it out for him before you have to get a restraining order or something.

    Say, please stop calling, texting, emailing, or contacting me. I'm not interested and need to move on.

    If he doesn't stop after that, seriously, call the police or change your number. Stalkers aren't cool.