Was she genuine or actually turning me down?

At the end of the third time going out, I asked a girl to date me. She said she does want to date and she likes me, but she's taking a lot of units (18) and wants to see how hectic her schedule is and she's going to let me know. How should I interpret this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm. I think the best thing right now is to take her for her word. I've taken 18 credits before and it really is hectic. She's said she does like you and want to date you so just trust her on it. At least unless she says/does something else.

    • So do I just wait for her to call me?

    • Be patient but little reminders from time to time won't hurt either. It would at least show you're still interested in dating her.

What Guys Said 1

  • Take her word, she seemed to be being honest with you. So don't overthink this, don't become that possessive dude. She's went out with you so there's some attraction. She's busy trust me and trying to make a relationship work. Especially if you start overthinking stuff she says. Keep it cool and if you can't deal with her speed, just leave. Forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do will just cause problems.