What would you do if you were texted this?

OK so me and this guy are seeing each other for almost a month now.. well we were texting and were talking about this chick who has std's and he said "I'd still hit it lol" and I don't know if he was Joking so this is what I sent.. (the convo):

Me: your gross ____! I shouldn't talk to you and your slut d*** no more ha. I just don't wanna catch somthing lol

Him: K Have a Good one.

Me: A good What! That's f***ed up you do that to me.. What did I say wrong?

Me: _____ please tell me!

Him: You tell me I'm a slut an a whore an that you hope you don't catch nothing like as if I'm dirty! Fuck That! Go ahead and text somebody else

Me: I was Joking, If I thought that I would have never slept with you. I'm really sorry. I didn't think something so stupid would make you this mad at me.

Him: Stupid! Calling me a slut an a whore and that I'm dirty ain't stupid to me..

Him: K I'm done.

Me: Can I call you please?

and that was that he never texted back.. I have been with him for almost a month and I left a guy I was with 3 years for this guy that I really fell in love with now my whole life is f***ed up! please give positive advice not something that will make this worse, I'm already at the point of wanting to OD and just sleep I don't know anyways do you think he will eventually get over it if I just don't text him for a couple days? I'm so freaking sad!

mmkay, he just posted on his facebook " How is it possible to Love something and Hate is just as much all at the same time? " so maybe he just needs time! I don't know Ill just wait, thanks all for all the feedback!
okay you guys, were good, have been since that day.. I'm sure everyone has little spats.. lol anyways yeah this was basically nothing thanks for the replys btw! :)


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  • "I'd still hit it lol"

    --> if he was trying to be funny, he failed. It's his fault that he made himself sound like a man whore.

    "Him: You tell me I'm a slut an a whore an that you hope you don't catch nothing like as if I'm dirty! Fuck That! Go ahead and text somebody else"

    --> sounds like he's trying to defend himself. Perhaps he DOES get around too much.

    But anyhow, if a girl tries flirting with me and I take it as an insult, I'll let her know respectively by saying "That didn't sound nice". I always let the girl know I'm teasing her for fun and that my talk shouldn't be taken seriously. If she DOES take me seriously I'll clam her down and help her relax. But STDs is a serious topic to me and I'd rather talk seriously about it. No reason to make jokes of it.

    Anyhow, this guy really is sensitive and just being a cry baby. This is what you're dealing with - a guy who might say the wrong thing in which you'll jab at him for it, and he'll bitch at you back as though it's your fault. If he wants to be treated well by you, he needs to act well first.

    And yet, I can't believe you left a 3-year relationship ... for this guy. That's not cool. You leave a relationship if you don't see it going well. There's lots of jerks who'll bring girls down and make them feel like sh*t - girls have to realize that and break it off. Emotional abuse is bad too. But you don't jump for a new guy - that says you're not a serious girl.

    • I have never had a short relationship. I'm 19 my longest was the 3 years though, I could take that guy back but then he is also very abusive, so basically I used this guy to help get away from my 3 year husband because I didn't feel any easier way!

  • He's 28 years old and still thinks its alright to tell girls that he's with that he would "tap that"

    What a twat. There is a big age difference between both of you and unless you want to give up your young life and rely on him to support you I suggest you get out as fast as you can. Its easy for guys to drag girls away from their current relationship on the pretense that they have so much more to offer but I seriously suggest you rethink your divorce. How long were you with him for and is the only reason you split because you thought this other guy had more to offer?

    Obviously you maybe happier single but it doesn't seem like your getting yourself into a good relationship.

    • The guy I married is 27 and is in Jail right now because he bloodied my lip cause he took my cell phone that had over 1000 baby pictures in it and I let him back in thinking he was gonna give my phone back and when I asked for it he was drunk and just flipped. another thing is I don't rely on a guy to support me I have been in my own place almost two years now and have everything I need. I just hate being alone and I wouldn't have got away from my husband Josh without finding someone else so I did

    • I left my hus. because he was really abusive and it just got worse and so I hated being alone at home so I decided to talk to this other guy thinkin it would help me finalize my divorce now I'm thinking about going back to my hus. but that would be so much worse.. I can't have my baby taken away from his alcohol. this guy that's 28 is completely opp. I thought, 14 hr shift sec. job. car, truck, no drugs or alcohol, so I ended up w some1 opposite of my husband! now look at this, nthn gets better does it

  • Its a tough situation and I wish I could give you more advise but I'm only 24. And yes me personally I wouldn't get involved with someone who had a kid. I guess the best thing is for you to be looking out for your childs best interest and a father who is a drunk definately doesn't fit the bill!

    Give this other guy some time to cool and maybe things will be alright. I can't be too optimistic about things at the moment seeing as a girl who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with has decided that she doesn't want to be me right now but have faith!

    Don't be needy and he really wants to be with you he'll come back, that is the advise I am following at the moment :)

    • Thank you though, even though your 24 you seem like a really smart guy, I will take your advice, at least it helped :) I don't feel so stressed out. Thanks though, I'm just gonna play music and clean my house thank you so much! I might add u! :)

  • Ok maybe your divorce was a good idea then! :)

    Seriously try dating someone a little closer to your age. You will find that you have a lot more in common and won't feel so pressured. I think another reason this guy got p*ssed of at you is because you are a lot younger and maybe doesn't see you as an equal so thinks that everything he says is right?

    It's not easy being single after being in such a long relationship I know. I've just come out of a 2 year one about a month ago and all I think about is getting back together with her but its not my decission so as hard as it seems its something we all have to go through.

    • I already been with a guy that is 20 I don't like it, they think there bad asses, I have a kid and no young guy around my age I have met is mature enough to deal with that. Guys that are around 20 are new to life, they don't understand is how I see it. I like to get with a guy that has his own place I have my own place that way were not living together right off. Its just better that way, I don't like a guy to feel like I need him.. and this guy makes me feel like I do need him so I don't go back..

  • Wow girl, I didn't know guys could PMS, who ever this guys is...he doesn't know how to take a dirty joke, at first I thought he was the girl and you were the guy.

    My advice to you is drop him...i would never date someone that serious when you said you were joking, but if you really like him you should give him some time.

    But personally I feel like someone should have kicked this guy in the nuts a long time ago and teach him the difference between a joke and real comments.If I was in thet same situation...i would probably joke about it...because you put a lol at the end, I wouldn't take it THAT seriously

    Just leave him alone for a while...and don't worry, because guys recover from this kind of stuff much sooner than girls do, if he really likes you...he won't be able to keep a grudge

    • Well that's the thing, I have never seen him this serious, He was joking with me last week about my mom hitting on him and said " does she want some too lol" I could have been a bitch but I just said prob she thinks your hot but you do that I won't talk to you again cause that is just sick. that was the day I called him a whore not this time, this time was slut. ha I think I'm just gonna ignore him for a while.. why force someone to be with you? thanks though

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    • Thanks, I accepted your request, hope this jerk off understands the meaning of a joke and grows a decent pair of balls, ones that will help him put his ego to rest

    • Haha lmao yeah I'm suppose to go hang out with him at his work tonight but ima just blow him off for tonight! he's cool, just idk! lol anyways ttyl

  • He sounds like an idiot to me. Why would he be telling you that he'd sleep with someone else? Regardless of the fact that they had an STD. He thinks he's in the right because you immediately started apologising. You need to make it clear that he should not be making those types of comments if he's meant to be with you. If he comes round and apologises then good, if not then you don't need a guy like him.

    • Yeah then yet he always says how he doesn't like cheaters.. His last relationship the girl cheated on him with his cousin. He is like the player looking type, the one if you go somewhere you wanna shoot 10 bitches for looking at him. So I will just wait for him to text me back first. by the way he is 28 I am 19. he has a 3 year old daughter I have a 1 and a half year old daughter. He talked me into leaving my husband and I really like this guy and yeah I was married! and so now I'm going through a divorce.

  • I'm really sorry that you're going through this. From what you said I can't figure out what made this guy over react so badly.

    • I didn't cut anything out either.. I still have them on my phone. I don't know either, I keep reading through them trying to figure it out?? I was reading the texts when I was typing them so there word for word just it took off two of the exclamations where he had them when I previewed question that's the only thing diff than what's in my phone..

  • He seems to really sensitive to something like that, considering you'se were joking. I reckon there was a lot more build-up to this, you should really sit down and talk to him about everything. You might have made a few jokes over time that you didn't know hurt him, you know? Everyones done that, and its no ones fault. Or there might have been something else, and you've just kinda tipped the basket and he's dumped all the hurt on you without really realising. That sort of thing happens a lot, your mind doesn't work the same way when its upset.

    Also try and tell him how upset you are that something you've said had done this to him, since I'm sure you are. You seem like a fairly caring person and you haven't really done anything wrong from what I've seen, I'm sure things will be sorted out eventually ^^ Just takes communictation, you know?

    • Hey you posted on my answer "Whats that?!" ha ha as being genius on that other question lol I knew you answered one of my Questions lol GAG is a small website lol

    • Lol!! I didn't realize this was you. Yeahh, it is. I take it that you two are alright now, then? I mean, polishing the car bonnet and all.

  • And this is why you should only use text messaging for messages and not for conversation.

  • How did your bottom lip get so much bigger than your top lip?

    • Geez your a real f***ing hater lol don't hate cause I was just giving you cues to make yourself look better.. I said it nicer than anyone else could have lmao.. just one eyebrow is bushier and that is why I said don't freak out cause its not that big of a deal lol hater...

    • Oh that had nothing to do about the eyebrow comment. I am not sure if you got my response or not, but that is done on purpose. My eyebrows are actually perfectly symmetrical. I am god like.

  • LAME

  • Like a soap opera, drama which is really about nothing, a sienfield episode, ...


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  • Seriously he has a STD. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! like he is over sensitive because he has the clap or herps or something. If so he wouldn't have took it so personal. Orrrr he is just really irritated with you and was just looking for a reason, if they push you away don't push back harder it never works simply stop talking. You will have them in a mess, it works every time.

    • Ha were good now, no he took it personal because I view him as a player and he don't like that.. He swears he is not the player type and this week so much good has came from him and I talked to my older cousin which I found out went to high school with him, and they used to be best friends but I found out a lot about his previous marriage that he hasn't dated since his divorce. he isn't a hoe lol I'm the first girl he has come to date since his divorce so that's a good thing Thanks though

  • I agree with him. Words liek slut and whore shouldn't be used on anyone expecially since they are used too casually. Try not to be such a stuck up judmental prick next time. Pleasure is good for you. Remember that.

    • Ha I hope you agree with him.. ha because he just read what you wrote and said.. mmmkay! lol he sure don't agree with you, ha we are just like that I'm sure many couples are.. the ones that use naughty pet names, yeah look it up, He wasn't even mad about this sh*t, it was something else at his friends house, so there's no way to delete this pointless question.. ugh! But yeah speaking of Judgemental... you just called me a prick? that's not judgmental is it? ha ha (Thinking: I hate Hypocrytes! ) hahaha

    • Course it's judgmental but unlike you, you've asked the people on this site what we think of the situation. "The only time it's okay to judge is when you are asked to".

    • Ha that is true :)

  • He seems sensitive.Are you guys still together?:)

    • Well Yeah we are still together, we are expecting :) He isn't too sensitive, I guess I didn't really get every thing about him at the time :) But he is just a guy that don't like arguing and I guess especially over text.. lol but anyways this was like our only fight in what like 8 months! So it is all good! :)

  • if he said he'd still "hit it"...he'd still "hit it." he's obviously not the kind of guy that you are looking for. move on sweetie!

  • sounds like he's friggen crazy and over dramatic... but good luck with that one.

  • I'd have a hard time taking that text seriously. lol

  • Damn..sounds like the convos I have with my bf.. well be perfectly fine joking around then it goes wrong lol.. glad yous are all good..

    • Lol no kidding.. :) were all right now thank god. :)

  • A typical guy who only thinks about sex,

    I wouldn't blame him for being serious about wanting to hit that slutty @ss,

    makes it more interesting.

    Either way, all guys think like that.

    So you better get used to it, in the end, it's no biggie. :)

    Just don't sleep with him! xD


    • Thats the thing, were dating and sexually active, so yeah I'm not gonna get used to it if he is serious, that's called dump his ass if he is willing to get a STD! duh! that's a big deal have you searched that sh*t up online? yeah I guess STD's are interesting but not in a good way! and it is a BIGGIE... wtf this is gay if a girl listens to you she will get and STD, start giving smart safe advice next time!

    • Haha and?

      It's called getting to really know the guy before you have sex with him and seeing if you guys really click.

      Guys only think about sex as said before, I'm sorry if you hadn't already known that.

      Why wouldn't he be serious?

      That chick obviously knows how to have fun at least and hey, as a supportive girlfriend wouldn't you want your man to be happy? xD

      Try a platonic relationship next time, it's much easier.

      As for now, quit sleeping with the damn guy if you're so worried about it. :)

  • wow, you're the type of peple that really need this website. the kind of advice I would give you is, just tell this guy to grow up a little and handle things better. work at the relationship, not cause it more tension. seems like he's giving you the childish cold treatment, instead of talking and working it out.

    • I was gonna show up at his work because he don't even act like this in person, like in person he is the sweetest guy, like In my head I'm trying to picture him saying this sh*t, but I can't It is so trippy. I have never seen him mad, Its weird that he would text this.. I told him it was something so little and stupid and then he went Stupid!!! omg I keep getting douche bags for some reason!