I've been going out with a guy for about 2 months. BUT I get bored of him if I hang out too often?

Me and my boyfriend are both in our 20's. We've been going out for about 2months. The first month was awesome, we saw a lot of each other. The second month is awesome too but I don't like the fact that I see him too often. I get bored fast. I do want to be with this person but I think it's too soon to see him too often. Plus, I don't want to make him my everything YET (otherwise I will have nothing if he we end our relationship). I don't want to tell him that this is how I feel but I do want to be with him. Am I making sense?!?!?!


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  • You are making sence. I have the same problem but with my friends, I get bored of my friends, sometimes they'll text me and I'll respond till like the 3rd day. I hate me for this I'm a horrible friend. I think no one should talk to me. But I know the reason they talk to me is because when I'm with them I act like a best friend, I make them feel like they can count with me, but I really don't like them that much.

    And I've also never dated a girl for the same reason. I've had a few girls ask me out in high school, but none was too good for me. Maybe I just haven't met the one. I think I'm a snob. and I hate me. I should die...lol...no just kidding about the "I should die" part. but I do hate me tho.

    See I'm much worst than you.


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  • yeah your def. making sense, my boyfriend and I ended up spending too much time together last semester and it got to us so much that we went on a break this summer where we didn't see each other for 2 months to kinda be able to balance out our relationship again. Just tell him you want the relationship to last, so you don't want to spend all your time together!