How many guys are physically attractive?

In your age group, at your school, etc.


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  • I'm a college student, so I see quite a few guys around. Here's some arbitrary stats for you.

    Of the guys I regularly hang out with (n˜20), just a few of them (n=3 or so) I would consider cute, although none are attractive to the point that I'm like "Oh my god, look at this piece of eye candy".

    Of the guys I see around campus, maybe 40-50% I'd consider generally good-looking (that is, worth a second glance). Of those, maybe 15% I personally consider cute, and would check out whenever I saw them, and every once in a great while I see somebody who just blows me away (<2%).

    For any guys outside my age group (say, beyond three years either way), the percentage of guys that I think are good-looking decreases steadily.

    It's probably worth it here for me to make a quick distinction between guys I consider good-looking and guys I think are cute. The guys I think are cute are the ones I'm actually interested in based solely on looks. As for the rest, I can appreciate that they're better than average, but they're not quite my type.

    • When a girl checks out a guy they just briefly look once or twice unless they are within that 2% category right? The "oh my god" type are the only ones that girls eye rape and want to get caught doing it. Am I right?

    • More or less. As a general rule for me, the more attractive I think the guy is, the more shameless I am in checking him out.


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  • In my social circle, I can name all the guys I wouldn't mind dating. Unfortunately, since my circle is theater, there aren't that many to choose from. I'd say that I know about four guys well enough to want to date them. And that's pretty sad.

  • very very few at my school.

    Most are ghetto,wanna be cholo's and have baby mama's

    But there are a few.The ones in FFA are sexy haha.

  • At my school? Like 1/10, maybe. There are seriously no guys I like at my school. :(

    In my age group, maybe 3/10.

  • At school there's like uhh maybe two or three cute guys, not very many my age. a bit older and hmmm, not bad looking. lol

  • Not a whole lot :(

    I'm only 15 so guys my age gererally look like little boys *sob*

  • how MANY? um I can't really say an exact number. just off a random estimation in my head, I'd say about 40% of guys I see in my age group are attractive to me.

    within that 40% of attractive guys, maybe like 1-5% of them are *super attractive*. super attractive as in "omg he's so gorgeous" the level of attractiveness that blows me away and makes me think naughty thoughts about him. the kind like, he's sexy as hell and I bet he knows it too.

    in the next category, there are 3x more *moderately attractive* guys than super attractive guys. moderately attractive is like "oh he's cute" and I will check him out and notice him, but probably forget about him shortly after.

    then after that everyone else is either average. as in they aren't ugly but don't really stand out, I wouldn't notice him passing by but if I got to know him I could grow to find him more attractive. then after that there are unattractive guys that don't do anything for me at all and that I wouldn't date or hook up with.


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