Would a guy date an overweight 18 year old at university?

I weigh 170lbs (5ft 8) so plan to lose 25lbs, but until then do I stand a chance?

I am not curvy, as I have the weight on my stomach and arms, and have small butt and small hips (OK chest)

Ive been on dates, never had a boyfriend though!

Just wanna know if I ever have a chance of being asked out? (I'm not super confident, but am outgoing and have a lot of friends, I'm not the kind that moans about her body either)


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  • of course you do.. :) I weigh almost that much and I'm 5'7, you don't need to be super skinny! some guys like thick girls, :) It just depends on the guy.. me? I didn't date any guys in High school until 11th grade but then he wasn't in high school and then I quit! so then I ended up marrying that guy and then now 3 years later were going through a divorce and I am with this guy now that I feel like he is wayyyyyy out of my league, I get seriously nervous around him, like the butterfly saying for when your around guys? I just thought it was a saying until I met this guy and I acctually get butterflys! lol but yes I don't date many guys either and I ended up with an amazing guy now! 14 hr job each night, car, truck, house, he is way athletically fit, he goes to the gym at least 5 times a week, he has a 6 pack, nice body! and DAMN! lol and I thought he was out of my league but then we just clicked! so in this past month I have been with him I have lost 17 pounds! When your happy that can happen.. :) Just be patient, whatever is meant to be will happen!


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  • I would. I'm a big guy though. Who knows if you'd go for me.

  • It all depends on the guy - if you want to widen the net losing weight and getting in shape would help. Losing weight does a lot for one's confidence and you'll feel better too.

    • And yes I've dated an 'overweight' girl, she was 5'4 and 150.

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