Have you ever dated outside your race and WHY??

Well my friend has made a comment that he is going to stop dating Spanish and Black girls and only date white girls...bc they have less bs to put up with...ummmm wtf I don't think soo...

I have dated in and outside my race and I think I guy is a guy he either plays the game or his a gentleman...yea there is a little difference sometimes...tell me what you think about my friends comment ...like your still going to go threw some issues when your dating someone from a different race,culture, or religion


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  • I date outside my race. I don't really categorize a whole race... like when you say this one race... then you are being RACIST.

    My first close boyfriend was BLACK and I'm ASIAN. He didn't work for me because he was so extremely religiuos and didn't bleieve in the NEW testament, only in the old testament and we argued and he gets violent. He's the big football type and he had scars from fighting other men. He and I took my car, went to my house, and he bossed me around like his maid to go make his food. I got sick and tired of always paying for the food. I know not all black guys are like this because my friend sean is a black guy and he is the NICEST black guy EVER who would NEVER do what my ex boyfriend did.

    The second guy I was super close to was ASIAN. He was kind of violent, and did the whole drinking, clubbing scene which I didn't like. So that wasn't going to work out. Plus he had an immoral past that he liked. AND he was cheating on me by seeing 2 other girls besides me. He is So a player. So I know not all Asian guys are like that because my brother isn't like that.

    And lastly I dated a WHITE guy who was into golf, surfing and nature. He complained all the time when doing stuff I liked to do. He was guilty of calling me names like "bitch and retard" and had a drinking problem too. He seemed kind of... immature for me.

    good luck to YOU. Just don't be categorizing people... =)


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  • I don't care if she's purple. If I'm digging her than I'm in. Discounting another race is just close minded. There are so many women of different races that are just gorgeous. Every race has their nuts and crazy people. If everyone in a particular race seem to act the same way, maybe it's your friend who's picking the wrong ones. She might not be given the ones that meet her standard a chance. Most of the time they tend to want the drama. But to each their own.

  • That is similar to stating that I'm going to eat American food only. There are so many gorgeous women of all nationalities. It wouldn't be logical to eliminate a hot girl because of the color of her skin.

  • Because you can, if you like them as a person looks and personality that's what is important.

  • I've never dated outside my race, but I agree with you. I can only go by what I see in my friends. It has less to do with race than what they grew up with.

    • Its so funny because all his ex girlfriend most of them have anger prb and the new girl is Italian so....im like is that so post to be a difference and big step

    • Your friend definitely isn't a sociologist. He's going off of stereotypes. He's in for a big surprise if he thinks there won't be any BS.

    • I no like my best girl friend is Italian and I love her but when he said because of ANGER I laughed because they get mad just as well if not more....he didn't not make a difference lol but I still love him tho lol

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  • Well in the end your friend is free to do what he wants. If he wants to date white girls, he should be allowed to do that. As for me, I've dated outside my race a bunch of times. It's cool.

    • I have no prb I no he could do w.e his reason isn't valid enough because all girls have prb and like I said your still going to deal with issues it may not be anger or race issues...it could be something else .....but like I said I have dated others as well so I didn't see it being a problem


  • Yeah my boyfriend was black and we were together for a year. I'm white. And I think that your friend should know that just because he's had bad experiences with spanish and black girls, doesn't mean they're all like that. There's good and bad in every race.

  • i date outta race too...like sometimes I do agree with your friend...but not everyone is the same

    just like how I thought everyone but my race is all party people, drink, sex 24/7 booze and boobs, blahblahblah crazy people you know?

    im friends with all kinds of people but I never dated outta race till last year or the year before...date/hookup same crap lol

    so he is wrong...hes just been asking the wrong girls..guess he was mainly going for looks lol

    and all girls are the same...we gots lots of problems...if you can't handle us don't bother asking other girls...cause your not committed enough to be there for us...meaning you didn't like us enough in the first place to actually try to work things out

    • Helll yeah I so agree because I have all types of friends from all over and when I hangout with them their going threw the same bs that some one from a different race is going threw....yea I think his n2 the looks now smh lol

    • But I still have to sayy I don't wanna date a black guy...no offensive to you..your a girl it don't matter! but I don't want a penis to be long enough to kill me or stab through me or be big enough to give me pain when I pee LOL :(

      i didn't like the first time it happened when it was stretched by a hispanic...imagine a black OH CRAP ha ha it freaking burns mann

    • Yea ...lol that's OK everyone has their own protuberance when it comes to sex..and dating but your story was funny I'm sorry that happen to you lol