How would I know if am a summer fling or a potential relationship?

So I knew this guy for a while now , I met him through my best friend because his brother is her good friend and we all hang out from time to time together . One night all of us got super drunk at his house and long story short I ended up sleeping in his bed with him ( surprising nothing sexual happened at all ) and he's sexy lol but anyway months later he asked me for my number we talked 4 a while and finally did the grown up (it was great) still nether one of us mentioned a relationship with each other (yes we both single) he say he wants to spend more time with me and chill with me but I don't know if its only because he wants more sex.

so I'm the type of girl who wants a relationship ,who did catch feelings for him, what do I do and how do I go about everything , what's a step that I can take to show I'm interested or do I keep things the way they are, because all this happened at the end of this summer does it mean I have a chance to be more with him ? HELP HELP HELP ! Any advice would help me a lot lol


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  • Look at how he treats you just sex or does he treat you like girlfriend, stuff you normally do in realtionship, maybe it will work out maybe it wont, try at least that way you will know and you won't have to wonder...


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  • i didn't know wtf you meant with 'did the grown up'... kinda thought you mighta because 12 or something for a moment writing that out until I caught on.

    If you think you can handle it, speak to him about things. Be mature about it, ask him what he'd like to happen. No need to tell him how you feel first, just test the waters and get his thoughts.