I have been having a lot of sex wit a friend and we hang out how do I figure out where we stand?

We have been friends for 4 years but lost contact 2 years ago, about three weeks ago I have been spending a lot of time with him he's always asking me to come over but I don't know what we're doing literally what's our status. I kind hinted like am I a bootycall he told me I can put whatever title I want to put on it I don't know if that s good or bad. But we always watch movies and ya know.


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  • Maybe you should ask if the title of girlfriend would work? If that's what you want to be.


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  • lol, cute. I've definitely been here b4. Its hard to tell, but as long as your cool with the way it is, then so be it. But if there's something more, or you want something more then I would ask him flat out. Truth is a motherf***** but its the only way sometimes. Because in the long run you don't want to get caught up and hurt. Save yourself now, b4 it gets any further. And who knows maybe he's just as confused.

    • This is good thanx. I don't know about the flat out becuz he said, "you can put whatever title you want on us", so is that good or bad if you know. thanx