Should I text him? When?

I went on a first date tonight - drinks after work, pretty casual. We stayed like 3 hours, he walked me to the train. Conversation flowed really well, he put his arm around my shoulder, lots of kissing before I got on the train. I had a good time, he said he did too. Should I text him? And when?

We talked online afterward, a second date was mentioned - nothing organised yet, but looks good!


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  • Depends how much you like him, and how soon you want to do it agian...


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  • Last week, I kindda had a similar date (very casual after work drinks) and I texted him right away saying that I got home safe and thanks for the dinner, had fun... something like that. He send me an email right away, a long one. And couple of days after, he asked me out again. So I think you can do the same. I don't like to wait until the next day and put a lot of hope and pressure on it. Instead. I thank the guy right away when everything is fresh (and "got home safe" is a good excuse :)).