If a guy is dating a woman a few years older than him is it OK to make age jokes?

How sensitive are girls to someone they know has a playful/sarcastic sense of humor. If I say something like you would know grandma or something to that extend would it be a horrible thing? She is under 30 so its not like she is an older woman I am picking on.


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  • I don't know!0.รถ but I'm 80% sure that she will take 1of her shoes and throw it on your face or she will train boxing on your face that if she were an angry women.

    But if she werent then that will just upset her and make her feel insecure.

    She will take it seriously not as a joke since she's elder then you.

    So watch out.


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  • I think it's not polite and childish.

  • Hopefully she has a sense of humor. My current "beau"...we will say, is younger than and we are both in our 20's, but if he told me an age joke, I'd probably come back with "at least I don't wear diapers...!" lol I like to joke and have fun though.


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