I text her once and called her once that day and she hasn't gotten back to me at all.

OK so, there is this girl that I'm interested in whom I used to work with. OK this girl for starters says she is a lesbian however she said she would make out with guys. I don't know if we have had an "actual date", but the first time we went out to lunch was with a girl that was into her and she later referred to it as weird with her there. The second time we were on lunch and spent way past our break time at a restaurant with just us for all but like 10 minutes of it. There were a few other times when we went and got lunch more casually. So then about a week ago we actually went out on a date and we both spent the majority of the date laughing and having fun where one specific phrase she said was "your not like other guys". So now a couple days ago she stood me up, I text her once and called her once that day and she hasn't gotten back to me at all. I want to call her, but I don't know if I should... its driving me crazy. Help?


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  • Sounds like you really like complicated situations. This one for you is a dead end. Even lesbians go out to lunch, Honey. You're looking more into this than you should . She has told you what she is -- and I'm afraid you have the wrong plumbing. Sorry. Move on - find a WOMAN who likes MEN and you will be sooooooo much happier. Genuine people don't stand you up anyhow. Why would you set yourself up for more of the same? She's a lesbian with bad manners. WOW, what a catch. Um. No. Move on. HUGZ


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  • Yea I really hate it when girls do that...best thing to do at the moment is wait. You don't want to seem desperate or clingy by constantly calling her. I would wait about 3 days and then, if she still hasn't contacted you, call her one more time and leave a voicemail (if she doesn't pick up) telling her you had an awesome time, you want to see her again, and tell her to call you back.