Should I mention I've never been kissed?

i've been hanging out with this guy I like (he likes me too). we're doing the whole 'flirting and everybody knows it' but we're sorta shy. he does tell me I'm beautiful, etc...anyway, I keep catching him looking at me like he wants to kiss me (very exciting) but I find a way to distract him when I feel like it's coming because I've never been kissed. I'm 23 years old and it's embarrassing. I was just wondering if I should tell him or if I should let him kiss me.

I'm just afraid I'll suck at it and I don't want him to be like 'wtf' if I'm not doing much during the kiss...I'm seriously blushing right now, lord help me lol


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  • That's sweet. but don't worry about it. I was the same way, and honestly you need to just let it happen. Your first kiss most likely won't be much more than a short peck on the lips. There isn't really a lot of "skill" you need to have for the first kiss.

    It will naturally come, and it will get more exciting and fun as you kiss him more.


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  • My advice, let it happen. Let him do the work, most likely the kiss will be a long peck on the lips. Just enjoy that and keep doing that the first couple of times. Then as your more comfortable try to follow along with him or just tell him you don't know how. I bet you anything he'll enjoy teaching you what he knows.

  • Let it happen naturally. No need to rush things. You'll get better with practice but you will not ┬┤suck┬┤ at it, calm down :)


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