How would you fix a ruined reputation? and would you date a girl that had one?

My reputation Is ruined, basically that I'm a wh*re and a b*tch. Neither is true, also that I'm a liar and can't be trusted? That is not true either its basically based off of middle school stuff, and it was honestly a bunch of new experiences and simple mistakes that are not as bad as they seem.

Do you think I could fix my reputation? or do I not have a chance. And If you heard that I had a reputation like probably wouldn't talk to me, would you?


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  • This happens to a lot of girls. During my high school years I would have girls making rumours about me being a whore (I'm a virgin and have only ever had one boyfriend who several girls wanted), a bitch(I'm actually considerably nice), pregnant (again, virgin), a transvestite (lol I actually found that one to be funny during the time because I look nothing like a guy and I was just claimed to be 'pregnant' but that only proves how desperate girls can be to make other girls look bad) ect. There are a lot of reasons as to why people start rumours, sometimes its jealousy or people need to feel better about themselves so they pick on others. I know this is hard to do, but don't pay mind to it. People will eventually get to know you and how you carry yourself and will eventually know the truth. Yes, there will be people who will still believe in those rumours, but anyone who does is clearly not worth your time. Just have people get to know the real you. Don't bitch back or do anything of the sort, just hold your head up high and try your best to laugh it off (again I know it can be hard) because you know yourself that what's being said isn't true. Rumours will die down over time (yet to be honest, usuallly they never go completly away) but you will meet people who know the real you. :)

    Best of luck.


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  • I would give a girl with a bad reputation a chance, but it would make trust a little more difficult to build. Anyone can fix their reputation, but it will take time.

  • And o yeah.. I dated a girl with a bad rep before, didn't work out because she was still facing a lot of issues. Don't know if I would again but she was a lot of fun to be around though. .

  • First lets start off by saying that you're reputation is not ruined. And to those people that are saying these lies about you, don't respond to them unless what their saying things threatens your safety. That's when you should think about getting the authorities involved. I used to be very judgmental when someone would tell me a certain thing about someone and I would actually believe it too. I would go about avoiding that person all together, without actually knowing them. But that was until I found myself at the wrong end of the stick. With viscous lies and rumors being spread all over about me. Couldn't find a person to trust me nor listen to me. Things got so bad and I was so "caught up" that I actually fell into a state, where as I started feeling weak, lonely, confused, depressed, and most definitely insecure. But what was surprising was that I started believing into these rumors, since I never said anything they continued, and with no moral support I lost confidence in myself, lost confidence in my judgment, and lost confidence in my image. And do you wanna know why? .. I'm pretty sure you do. You see this was happening because I was still around all these people who were saying all these malice things about me. Not only physically but emotionally. I wanted them to like me. Wanted them to stop lying and to just leave me alone. And they knew that so they were getting the best of me. I was letting it happen because I didn't respond to them and because I wasn't taking any action. Heard a wise quote once that said "The one who attacks the weak and boasts himself up proves himself as weak". I'm not encouraging you to go out and attack your naysayer and be just like them, No. What I'm saying is that you should remove yourself from around them. Encourage yourself dally that these things won't hold you down. And that you should stay positive. Remember that the greatest revenge is being happy, content, with yourself, and not to mention success is a +. ;) keep your head up your beautiful and do not let em bring you down!



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  • just ignore them.

    tell your guy the truth/ or your friends the truth

    if they are your friends, they will listen to you

    your rep? one day, you will never see those people again.

    I grew up, got a job out of state

    worked with people I knew not as a kid, and met new friends

    don't worry about it too much

    it too will past

  • hmm...some hoes ruined my rep in my old school pretty mch because they were jealous of me ( I know it sounds bad lol but its true) I understand what your going through. personally id first talk to you to know you better and c if it s true. But I defo give you a chance first.

    but yeh I think you can defo change your rep...change of place..or attitude..or tell your people it s not true and tell your version...and c how it goes

    hope that helps, xxx