How do I get him to ask me on a real date?

I met this guy about a week and 1/2 ago at the bar that I hang out at. We met through mutual friends, and when they were about to leave I told them I thought he was cute. 20 minutes later I get a text from one of the girls with just his phone number and "he wanted you to have it". Anyway, we started texting, we hung out on Wednesday. We ended up having sex. We hung out again on Friday after he picked me up from a party (I was sober, just didn't have my car). We had a long conversation and both said that the sex should absolutely not have happened, and that we both wanted to take it slow to see if it was anything we even wanted to get into. Saturday night he came out to another party I was at to hang out with me and one of his good friends. We ended up just sitting around and talking again. We're supposed to hang out on Thursday, but how do I make it into a real solid date? I don't want this one to get away, I really like him.


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  • Sounds like he likes you so you don't have to try to hard... you could drop hints like girls usualy do or just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy it, go with the flow, be casual and don't make a drama out of it...


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  • He sounds like a genuinly nice bloke, I wouldn't wanna be letting him get away either. At the party mention your favorite restaurant or something and ask him if he'd like to go there with you sometime. If he's really keen he'll set a date for it then and there and if not just wait a few weeks before mentioning it again. Or invite him over for a homecooked dinner and a couple of movies.. Sounds kinda corny but it does give you'se both tonnes of time to talk and get to know each other better.

    Hope all goes well. :)