Why do guys stop?

Doing the little things for there girlfriends? I mean we've been together 3 years so we just know that weekends we're going out. There are no scheduled dates or anything. He doesn't get me flowers or sweet little cards anymore. He used to leave me myspace comments daily and now I'm lucky if I get one once a month. He says it's because we talk on the phone but, we've always talked on the phone daily. So why do the sweet little things stop?


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  • You have gotten out of The Honeymoon Stage and landed in the comfortable stage. This is where a lot of relationships are put to the test. The newness has faded and its on to usual stuff. So, my remedy for this (I've been with my fiance for 3 years) is to try different things together instead of the usual dinner and a movie or whatever the routine is. Talk to him about what means a lot to him and share what means a lot to you. In doing so it will allow you to connect again. Couples tend to forget that their significant other changes a little every day and that communication is the key.


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  • because he don't feel loved any more be his girl. it's not a ''one'' Relationship it takes 2 .so make him feel loved.


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  • you should let him know you need those little things in your life to feel loved. explain how it makes you feel special and how wonderful a feeling it is to get it from him. he probably doesn't realize that it means so much to you; guys aren't built to think that way. you got to sit him down and work it out now before you start to become bitter towards him.